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"With Isaac it was all about Halo and the Halo community. I knew it right from the beginning."

 — Steve Downes

 The Voice of Master Chief


"Isaac excels in the creation of thoughtfully-curated multimedia. I've collaborated with him on a few videos and a book. His innate talent is always on full display. A lot of content creators tend to have a specialty but Isaac demonstrates capability with both the creative and the technical."

 — Stephen Loftus

Consultant: Halo Encyclopedia, Halo: Warfleet, Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo, Halo: The Essential Visual Guide

"The talent displayed by Isaac in searching for the right sound bites and images teamed with the writing and narration of this film was beyond impressive. I witnessed the potential birth of a new mega brand and entertainment property that could compete with the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Marvel. I truly believe with the vision and talent of the creator of this video along with the right partners, the Halo brand could far exceed this current franchise’s path."


  Aline Le Blanc

Strategic Marketing and Product Development, SPIELO Gaming

"I have had the chance to work alongside Isaac on a few projects, and he was nothing short of professional throughout the process. Clearly demonstrated an understanding and knowledge for the industry as a whole."

 Winston Linn

Senior Brand Manager, Epic Games


"Isaac writes regular movie reviews for the column “Admit One" on SignalsAZ. They are professionally written and insightful. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge of cinema and writing capabilities."

 — Guy Roginson

 Talking Glass Media, Client

Online Sales

"Working with Isaac is an absolute pleasure. His commitment to excellence, professionalism, and market knowledge make him a standout choice for anyone. He managed the entire process efficiently and met all deadlines. Demonstrates a profound knowledge of the science fiction genre. His honesty and integrity are evident in every aspect of our collaboration."

 — Mark Dinsmore

Private Seller, Client

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