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In 2012, Halo 4 released with an experimental game mode called Spartan Ops, which told episodic stories in a recurring play space. Spartan Ops content was released weekly until its cancellation following the conclusion of Season One. Isaac began Forward Ops as an extracurricular activity while in school, collaborating with concept artist Garrett Post to create a hypothetical Spartan Ops: Season Two.


Isaac used Unreal Engine to build a brand new play space for Forward Ops. He made the map feel like a lived-in space while ensuring it featured a variety of areas to host different styles of story and gameplay.


In addition to level design, Isaac guided concept artist Garrett Post as he breathed life into new and returning characters, locations, and plotlines from the Halo universe. Isaac wrote a full script for cutscenes and in-game dialogue, showcasing never-before-seen corners of the Halo universe while maintaining brand accuracy.

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