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Two cells are separated from each other and must reunite by embarking on a dangerous journey through surreal landscapes of the imagination.


The prototype for a side-scrolling platformer focused on in-game, symbolic storytelling, EVO was similar to the popular indie game Limbo, featuring a helpless protagonist navigating a dark and hostile world to discover their hidden power.


The world of EVO was populated by a wide range of hostile cancer cells, giving hints to the player's role in this strange world...


EVO was developed by SomeFriends Studios, based out of Chicago. For the entirety of 2013, Isaac helped this team of seven develop a vertical slice of the game to use as a proof-of-concept demo. Although the team parted ways before EVO was completed, a significant amount of pre-production work was done. EVO remains in stasis, waiting for the right people to revive it.


Isaac spearheaded the creation of SomeFriends Studios. He oversaw hiring, legal, publicity, and filled the role of Associate Producer until the studio was fully staffed. He supervised the development of a behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling the struggles of the fledgling studio. Once things were up and running, Isaac moved to his desired position as Creative Director & Writer, working to ensure that EVO's mysterious world had a rich story and history for the player to unravel.

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